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MOT testing garages need to observe VOSA MOT retesting rules.

MOT re-test procedures tend to be extremely intricate and incredibly uninteresting. We want to set the scenario for you as to when you can actually and can't get yourself a FREE re-test.

To begin, the primary regulation is always that as soon as the car has failed its MOT, the mandatory amount of time for your vital vehicle repairs to be made and any subsequent re-test is just 10 trading days after your initial test date. This is correct providing your family car has been remedied and accordingly booked in to obtain a re-test ahead of the end of 10 trading days. If all of the above is correct, that is when the computerised MOT test application that all MOT centres utilize is designed to, at this point, enable us to register your vehicle or light van and carry out the re-test.

The secondary procedure is that during an MOT re-examination it's sometimes a fact that a handful of items can be re-tested promptly yet alternatively some items have the need for a good deal more concentrated examining.

For instance;

  • If for instance the car is rejected on 1 tyre; then a new tyre is to identify and then a "fast track" MOT test can be performed, this would take just a little while for the MOT tester to execute and for that reason would not attract a re-test bill.
  • Or a second case study: Suppose the family car fails its MOT test on headlamp aims, emissions, and brake system; in this instance your family car really needs to be registered with your nearest Dunmow VOSA MOT garage for a part re-test and driven directly into MOT test bay, and then an emissions examination has to be accomplished, a much less intense over-all check out carried out and then a full-blown braking mechanism assessment carried out. This work mostly requires increased hours of the MOT testers time, and this is why this certainly will typically attract a re-test expense.

That being said while we, and nearly every MOT centre, advertises and provides FREE retests this is definitely, regularly, based on when your family car is made available for its MOT exam in Dunmow and consequently what specifically your family car failed the MOT upon.

IMPORTANTLY - assuming the vehicle fails to pass its MOT examination with us here within Dunmow VOSA MOT testing station and is then repaired by us, then following that we'll definitely undertake ones retest FREE (i.e. 100 percent free), this really is our thanks to you for making a choice to turn to our Dunmow VOSA MOT station workshops.

If you would like further explanation, then this is a list of the totally free retest points (if your vehicle or light van failed the MOT over one of these issues then a quick retest could very well be accomplished).

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